About Cayenne

Cayenne is a specialist web design and development consultancy run by partners Andy Robinson and Sophie Dennis. We offer clients broad knowledge and expertise gained in over a decade working on the web's front-line, from small promotional sites to major e-business projects, working on strategy, project management, content creation and site promotion as well as web design and development.


We believe that websites should work hard for your business. Too many websites are ineffective, costing the organisation behind them time, money and morale. Our overriding objective is to create an effective website: a website that will make a positive and measurable impact on your business growth; a website that will enhance your reputation, reinforce your brand, and support your marketing position; a website that will help you realise you goals, whatever they may be.


Cayenne was founded in 1999 by Andy Robinson and Sophie Dennis, because people started asking us to build websites for them. Based in Oxfordshire with Andy working as a freelance IT consultant and Sophie as Editor for one of the UK's leading university guides, our combination of technical and creative skills proved an ideal platform for the leap into web design.

Word of mouth referrals and recommendations meant Cayenne soon became a full-time business, moving into new offices and hiring staff. The business grew steadily and successfully, with a growing roster of satisfied clients. We worked with some great people during some really exciting times for the web.

Inevitably as owners our job became to run the business, not create websites. It was time for a rethink. We completely restructured the business. Today we operate as a partnership, providing independent consultancy and occasional web design and build work.

In summer 2010 we moved to Dartmoor in Devon. We now divide our time between Devon and Oxfordshire, enabling us to work with clients across the South of England.

And we still work for our first ever client.